About Us

You have heard the story before how the product was so good they bought the company.  We couldn't do that so we did the next best thing:  
 We searched the world and tried them all. Bravo were so far out in front we then made an approach to BRAVO and, well, the rest is history .
You can now buy with confidence, if a product has been bought through any of our online store's or through one of our recommended resellers - covering Australia and NZ . (conditions apply - check out warranty information)

We think the quality is so good we will only see you when you lose them or they wear out. 

Bravo Pumps Australia: All Bravo dealers are Independant businesses (Worldwide)  

Bravo Pumps Australia are known for delivering quality products and backing them up with exceptional after sales service.

Our range and service is like no other.

Matt Sevior

Bravo Pumps Australia

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