Inflatable Toy Pumps

Bravo Pumps provides the best range of electric pumps, hand pumps and foot pumps for inflatable toys, boats, kayaks, dinghies, towable toys, inflatable air mattresses, and more. We have any type of pump to suit your needs, all available at great prices. 

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Whether you're off to the beach for the day or having some summer fun in the pool, undoubtedly your going to have some inflatable toys that will need pumping up. Make the job easier and more effortless with an inflatable toy pump from Bravo Pumps.

We have only the best inflatable toy pumps, which are built to last, at the most affordable prices. Our pumps for inflatable toys are easy to use and you have the choice of either electric or manual pumps depending on how many toys you need to inflate and how large they are.

Electric Pumps

If you're spending the day at home in the pool or driving to the beach you might like to choose an electric pump for your inflatable toys. Our electric pumps come in a variety of styles and prices depending on how much pump power you're going to need. 

Some of our electric pumps are designed to be attached to your car battery and of coarse we have electric pumps with built in battery’s. These are ideal to take on a road trip or for use on your boat and are the perfect pumps for towable toys as they take very little time to fully inflate the toys.

These inflatable water toy pumps also have pressure gauges to ensure that you don't over-inflate your toys and damage them.

Manual Pumps

If you intend to go hiking however, or walking down to the local river or water hole, you might be better off with a manual hand pump for your inflatable water toys. These pumps are fairly lightweight and can be easily carried in a backpack along with your deflated toys.

This is much easier and more convenient than carrying your inflated toys on a long walk or hike. And once you're ready to head home, you can use the pump to deflate the toys and pack everything back into the pack for the trip back to the car.

Shop With Confidence At Bravo Pumps

Here at Bravo Pumps, we want to make your shopping experience as easy as possible, which is why we offer: 

  • Quality pumps at affordable prices.
  • 45 years of experience in the inflatable pump business.
  • Flat rate shipping with available tracking.
  • Secure online payment options.
  • A 1-year manufacturer's warranty on all our pumps.
  • Exceptional after sales service and customer support.

We're Here To Answer Your Questions

If you have any questions about which pump would suit your needs best, then please give us a call. You can phone us on 1300 127 286 or send us an email to

Spend more fun time at the beach and in the water, rather than blowing up your inflatable toys, with an inflatable pump from Bravo Pumps.

Bravo Pumps are Australia's most reliable supplier of high quality pumps for inflatables including SUP Pumps, air pumps for inflatables, kayak pumps, inflatable water toy pumps and nifty boat pumps for sale. Buy online today or contact us for more information.

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