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Bravo Pumps Australia solely sell bravo pumps worldwide only - thats what we specialise in - we dont sell anything else as they dont last like a bravo !!

Bravo 20 (22psi max): 12 volt Electric Pump:

What makes bravo's latest pump to hit the Australian market there best yet !!

It can be used on any inflatable object that requires inflation up to 22 psi ..
Its totally compact & portable. 6 kg (carry strap)
Its more reliable than anything else on the market worldwide.

It has an inbuilt lead battery that has the ability to pump up to 3 Inflatable stand up paddle boards to 15 psi in one 20 min session or 2 x 20 psi Inflatables in one 20 min or 2 x 6 metre boats or multiple sea biscuits or toys. (remember run time 20 min )

What if the battery goes flat 10 min into the inflation , easy , just change over and use the alligator clips that are supplied, just clip onto your car battery, as easy as that. 
Replacement batteries are readily available to buy at any good car or electric shop worldwide..
(Australia - Jaycar - Super cheap - Battery world)

Other features:

One year warranty through BPA- 
Inflate and Deflate option - This is dependant on hole size
Pre set Psi - Auto shut off when the desired psi is reached-
22 psi max pressure attainable -
Alligator clips
Charge via Cig Lighter 
Charge Via 240 V or 110 v (Aust - USA- Euro)
All connectors including (Halkey Roberts) for all Inflatables
YES - you can travel on a Airplane with the Bravo 20 : documentation is available: email or it will be posted on the website shortly-

The unit also comes in a compact carry case so you wont lose anything and it comes with Bravo Pumps Australia one year warranty.
You must buy through BPA online store or affiliates to receive your warranty from us..

Important :

All Bravo resellers are independant unless they have an agreement with BPA so make sure you ask this question or make sure you buy through a well known reputable store who has a good track record, check out there store reviews, ask them how they deal with warranties on bravo products , they all have a responsibility to give you a 1 year warranty , some just want to sell you the pump and forget - 
Not Bravo pumps Australia - we want to solve your pain of pumping up Inflatables !!

Bravo Pumps Australia uses Trust Pilot to receive its reviews.. It sets us apart from the rest as all the reviews are verified , we cant change what the customer says , all we can do is make sure we offer a great product and back it up with great service and hopefully thats enough to get a 5 star review !!

Wanting to know more - wanting to ask a question about which pump is right for you - 
check out our website

and my direct number is at the top of the page..


Matt /Owner BPA

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