1 year warranty on all electric, foot, and hand pumps sold on bravopumps.com.au or on our Amazon USA store (Sevaris)

2 year warranty warranty on the turbomax only (Usa - Australia -New Zealand )

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  • We reply to emails within 1 day if you are one of our customers 
  • Please note, we do not respond to warranty issues if you have purchased through another reseller - we are Independant ..

Warranty and Returns Policy

 Info@bravopumps.com.au - and provide the following information.

  1. Details and / or description of the failure:
  2. A photograph of the product that shows the Bravo Pumps Australia warranty void sticker , the serial number of the unit; and 
  3. A copy of the Bravo invoice and/or other proof of payment
  4. A BPA reseller may be asked to send the unit back for us to check over.
  5. BPA warranty sticker must remain on the unit at all times.

Every Warranty Claim Must Satisfy the Following

  1. The product is purchase from Bravo Pumps Australia online store or one of its authorised resellers
  2. The product was purchased within 12 months of the date of notification of the claim;
  3. The product has been used in accordance with the manufacturer's user guide;
  4. The product has only been used for private purpose;
  5. The product has not been used for commercial, trade, hire, professional or demonstration purposes;

Excluded from Warranty

The warranty does not cover components that are subject to natural wear and tear by normal use in accordance with operating instructions.

Warranty is Limited

If a warranty claim is accepted by Bravo Pumps Australia it is limited to:

  1. Repair and/or replacement of the product only.          

Excluded from Warranty

The following heads of damage are excluded to the maximum extent possible under Australian and Western Australian Law.

  1. Economic loss;
  2. Consequential loss; and
  3. Damages for personal injury

Costs of Return of Product

Where product is required to be inspected, repaired or replaced, all return shipping costs are to be covered by the customer. Shipping costs will be refunded if the the product is found to be defective by manufacturing

BPA will cover $20 only.(freight within Australia) and be refunded if the item is found to be defective.

Warranty Non Transferrable

This warranty only applies to the original purchaser who purchased the product from Bravo Pumps Australia or one of its approved resellers.  The warranty is not transferrable to any subsequent purchaser.

Where a person acquires the product by way of a gift from the original purchaser the warranty will only apply if the original has notified Bravo Pumps Australia of the identity of the gift recipient at the time of purchase.


All Bravo pumps come with a Bravo Pumps Australia warranty sticker with a serial number as of Feb 14 2016 PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THIS STICKER -  this is the units ID number and MUST BE ON THE PRODUCT IF CLAIMING WARRANTY.



The law that applies to this Warranty and Returns Policy shall be the Law of the Commonwealth of Australia and the State of Western Australia.  Any other jurisdiction's law is expressly excluded from having application.

Bravo Pumps Australia


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